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bbq pork

The famous “Char Siu Bao”, you’ve probably heard that name before. The BBQ pork bun is a  unique blend of sweet and savoury all packed within a light fluffy bun. Popularly ordered at dim sum or bakeries alike, the bbq pork bun combines everything you need in a meal all within a bun. 

Screenshot_2021-03-17 the quiet baker Im

We visit Sun Fresh Bakery in Chinatown to experience two variations of BBQ Pork Buns. The first in the form of the classic steamed bun, white and fluffy with a signature bbq pork filling. Second in the Chinese bakery version with a golden brown bun exterior and same bbq porn filling. We chat with the owners about the changing landscape of Vancouver’s Chinatown, what they’ve seen over the years, and what they hope for in the future.


On Victoria Drive in Vancouver, Banh Mi Saigon is a family run Vietnamese sandwich shop operated by two brothers. Baking fresh baguettes daily, one of their hidden gem items is the Pate Chaud. A flaky Vietnamese puff pastry stuffed with pork which is usually sold out daily. One of the brothers tells the family story and shares why they decided to share their take on the banh mi with the Vancouver community.


"The one with all the meat inside."

Lastly, we head to Surrey and visit Golden Samosa Bakery. We experience all different combos of meat inside a pastry through the Indian classic, Samosa. We bring some selections of Chinese baked goods in BBQ Pork Buns, Beef Curry Buns, and fried Taro Pastries for the owners to try. We chat about the similarities and differences between the Chinese baked goods with meat samosas, and potato samosas. And lastly discuss the intricacies of Indian baking/cooking methods based on the regions of India and how they’ve translated to the flavours available here in Greater Vancouver.


Taro Puff 👇

👆  Pork Turnover

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